How much caffeine or energy does Grinds contain?


With roughly 18 pouches contained in each can, each pouch is equal to about 1/4 cup of coffee or approximately 20-25mg of caffeine, which makes each entire can of Grinds Coffee Pouches add up to the caffeine equivalent of 4-5 cups of coffee. 

Our 2X pouches contain at least twice the caffeine, about 9 cups of coffee per can. 

Our new 4X Charged flavors contain 100mg of caffeine per pouch and 12 pouches per can.

Caffeine is just one of the many ways that today's energy drinks and supplements deliver energy to the body. Grinds contains other key ingredients like B-Vitamins and Taurine that allow you to feel focused and alert without the jitters of caffeine.

In fact, each can has the stuff you would find in any Red Bull or 5-Hour Energy, only at significantly less amounts and without unnecessary liquid, calories, and carbonation of our competitors. 

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