Can I use Grinds as a alternative to nicotine & tobacco?


Yes! Grinds Coffee Pouches were originally designed to help smokeless tobacco users kick their habit. Quitting tobacco and nicotine can be a long and difficult process. Grinds Coffee Pouches are a great way to simulate the oral fixation that accompanies chewing tobacco. Also, the caffeine from the coffee + the B-Vitamins in our product can help combat nicotine cravings. 

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    Grinds Coffee Pouches

    Hi there! If your question wasn't answered in the above response you can email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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    I'm interested but still thinking about the items!

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    jack meholf

    i chewed "SKOAL" from age 16 to 32 using 2 cans per day, and never missed a day ..... I discovered this product in a magazine and THANK GOD they sold in a store near me. I have been clean of nicotine and tobacco for 10 days and feel great with no withdrawal side affects that bothered me.

    Do yourself, your teeth, your gums, your family and friends a favor and try this product for one week and you will NEVER go back to chew.

    If I could invest and work for this company i would!!

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