What is in Grinds Coffee Pouches?

Everything you would typically find in an energy drink is in Grinds. Specifically, each can contains the following: Coffee, Water, Glycerin, Caffeine, Taurine, Guarana, B-Vitamins, Sodium Benzoate (to assure flavor), and Natural and Artificial Flavors. A few of our flavors, Caramel, and Cinnamon Roll contain a sweetener called Acesulfame Potassium. Below are some nutritional facts on Grinds: 





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    Keith Martin

    This Idea was truly a blessing and it will save lots of teeth and Jaws from r
    Decaying... If you are researching this product it's safe and yes it works. I use it and been off cigs 4 years and pouches 6 months now no nicotine and feel great. Thank you for this great blessing. Hope many use.. need hit more stores

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