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    Paul Martin

    Hey I love grinds, I'm a college student and play football for my college. I use grinds all the time, but I know smokeless tobacco has effects on the body and mouth, but has there been any risks of.mouth cancer using grinds? This may be a stupid question but I like to be sure.

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    Jason Hofe

    Is there a freshness or best by date for an unopened can of Grinds? Cans of chewing tobacco have a sell by date on them. After that date they are dried out.

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    Amanda Clark

    Is there a decaf line?

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    Matt lowder

    What is the small opening in the top for ?

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    Jordan Cordano

    This seems like it would be bad for your teeth?

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    Jacob Dukes

    Will this stain your teeth more than drinking coffee?

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    Carlin Ryan Works-Cassell

    I ordered grinds through amazon and it shipped from yalls company they taste really weird and im bot sure if there supposed to taste like the actual flavor ir something else

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    Jennifer Stewart

    Is this gluten free

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    Grinds Coffee Pouches

    Hi there! If your question wasn't answered in the above response you can email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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    Jerry Skovronski

    Where can these be purchased online? Cant find anything on the grids site

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    Hey I'm a nurse and I do not use any tobacco products but I work nights and I absolutely love coffee so I figured I'd try your product since coffee is my best friend and while working nights I can use the caffeine for an extra boost. Have you had any one use or try your products that don't use any tobacco products? And when i open the can how long are they good for if I don't use all the pouches in a few days, do they lose their potencey? Thanks stephen

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    Nick hawkins

    since there is no tobacco in this product,do I have to be 18 to purchase

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    Justin Salazar

    Do these pouches mess up your gums? Do they stain your teeth as if you just kept coffee in your mouth?

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